Why should I move my Email to Microsoft 365?

Since the launch of Microsoft 365 in 2011, the modern world has changed as we know it. Some organisations are still thinking if they should move to Microsoft 365, whereas lots of organisations have already taken this initiative to move their email to Microsoft 365 and utilising collaboration tools such as Teams, SharePoint and the mobility of Microsoft 365 during the working from home era.

It’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. This is where Three Cherries can help advise on the key benefits of Microsoft 365 over legacy applications such as on-premise Exchange for emails amidst other benefits.

Why should organisations move to Microsoft 365?

Work from anywhere

Microsoft 365 is a cloud based solution that allows users to access their documents & emails anytime/anywhere from PCs, MAC’s, iOS, and Android devices. The built-in sharing and collaboration features of Microsoft 365 make it suitable for modern working environments.

Subscription plans that suit all

Microsoft 365 offers great price flexibility on its services. With Microsoft 365, there are various subscription plans to choose from. An organisation can choose a plan depending on its needs. With one license, they can opt for communication and storage services such as Teams, SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business respectively. Another licence will give you the whole Microsoft Office suite including Outlook, Word and Excel to name the more popular programmes.

It’s from the trusted brand: Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is wholly backed by Microsoft, which is one of the most trusted names in providing cloud services. They don’t offer an email data backup as standard and aren’t responsible for your data. However, as a Three Cherries Customer we can include a fully managed backup and restore function, which will save you time and stress.

Always up-to-date

One of the best things about Microsoft 365 is that it upgrades automatically without any extra costs. Users get access to all the enhancements and innovations as soon as they are released. In on-premise deployments, users have to upgrade the hardware and buy the software too. These upgrades may cause considerable downtime. This is not the case with Microsoft 365 because Microsoft handles all the updates in such a way that doesn’t affect its availability.

Completely Managed

Ok, we hold our hands up, this one isn’t included in the Microsoft 365 packages, but it is if working with Three Cherries. You can rest well at night knowing, if you run into any challenges, we’re only a call away, so we take the gamble out of business technology.

In summary

These key points show why Microsoft 365 is a better option than the legacy on-premise and hosted Exchange options. Microsoft 365 can help your organisation to increase productivity in this climate and manage costs. In simple words, we can say that Microsoft 365 is the future of the cloud.



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