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Your IT and Telephony Support Team for businesses in Bristol and the South West.

Behind the Scenes


Nigel Kingswood

Systems Technician

Zena Summerell

Financial Controller

Ollie Giermann

Systems Technician

Kenneth Peralta

Senior Systems Technician

Joe Nash

Systems Technician

Richard Birkett

Business Development Exec

Lorna Edwards

Operations Manager

(The Bossy One)

Phil Holdom

Technical Director

Ian Vicker

Managing Director

Richard Phillips


Steve Talling

Systems Technician

Marton Vamosi

Systems Technician

Guy Clement

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Scott Allaway

Systems Technician

Meet Three Cherries

We’re an IT & Telephony Support business based in Bristol. We’ve been around for over twenty years, which has given us enough time to get to be pretty good at what we do.

And what we do is take the gamble out of your business IT & Telephony.

We’re an enthusiastic team that’s worked hard to create an IT & Telephony company with a simple approach. Some IT firms make IT support an unnecessarily complex issue. The Three Cherries way is to keep things as simple and easy to understand as can be.

That “understandable” culture is very important to us – and our clients seem to like it too. We don’t get bogged down in complicated tech speak, needless network natter or insane IT lingo.

IT Support Company Bristol

But when it comes to your Computer Network and related IT Support, we do know what we’re talking about – in plain English (sometimes with a hint of a Bristol accent).

Really enjoying what we do, and how we do it, is one of the things that’s sets us apart from other IT companies.

With the overlap of Telephony into IT networks, there’s a seamless merging between IT and communication with clients and staff. This combination is driving greater business efficiency and enhanced productivity. Three Cherries have over 10 years’ experience in Telephony and we’ll happily share with you the many advantages of this integration that your business could be benefitting from.

Our gang are what makes us great. We’re always looking for more cherries to join us. From operations to technicians, we look for people with the enthusiasm, experience and drive to deliver great results to our clients.



Don’t hesistate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for IT support across Bristol and the South West.

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