Why Great Communication Is Central To Great IT Support

There are many companies providing IT support services, but Bristol IT Support Company Three Cherries is can not only handle your IT support effectively, but our additional focus on great communication means you’re always in the loop.

Why Good Communication Is Vital

Remember when, in 2008, British Airways experienced technical difficulties that resulted in chaos, causing frustration for their passengers at the Heathrow’s terminal 5? It’s been noted howe the complete lack of communication from BA seemed to make the whole situation much worse.

Passengers were left stranded and uncertain about their flights, bags, and what they should be doing. Instead of making generic announcements over the PA systems, BA could have taken a more proactive approach to lessen the tension. Simply sending out staff to stand on top of the nearest baggage carousel every 15 minutes with updates would have reassured those passengers and assured them that their situation was being taken seriously.

The same holds true when it comes to IT failures. Whether it affects one or a hundred people, communication is key. Those affected by an IT failure need regular updates on what caused the issue, what steps are needed to resolve it, and how long resolution may take. Failing to provide this information can lead to heightened anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness as people are unsure of what is happening.


This is why consistent communication plays such an integral role when resolving an IT problem or any other type of issue. Part of providing effective managed IT services and business IT support is keeping customers in-the-know with regular updates, even if there isn’t much new information, so that everyone feels allayed about the situation instead of anxious or powerless. This type of open dialogue is also essential for day-to-day issues as well; whenever a call is logged with us technicians review it multiple times each day and make sure it’s progressing in the right direction. When a technician successfully resolves an issue they always ask users if they’re satisfied with the resolution so that everyone leaves feeling contented with how things were handled.


At Three Cherries we understand how important communication is when facing technical issues or anything else for that matter. We strive not just to resolve issues quickly and efficiently but also ensure minimal stress and worry throughout the entire process by keeping our customers up-to-date and informed at all times. If you’re looking for IT support that offers clear communication every step of the way then get in touch today – we’re here and ready to help! Contact us for a chat.



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