What Types of Services are Offered by IT Support Companies in Somerset?

With IT constantly growing at a rapid pace, knowing what services are offered by IT support companies in Somerset is essential to understanding how you can grow your business or implement new technologies which may aid productivity. In this blog, we will cover the services offered by IT support companies in Somerset.



Digital threats are becoming more complex and frequent every year, meaning that a large majority of businesses without adequate security measures are at risk of data breaches and hacking. IT support companies in Somerset will offer a range of different cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, multi factor authentication and security awareness training. Each of these provide differing purposes in a business’s security.

Firewalls- A firewall is a vital piece of equipment to ensure that your business and network are secure. A firewall checks all inbound and outbound data in a network ensuring that nothing harmful enters the network or leaves the network. Without this, business will be at risk of downtime and data breaches due to malicious software breaching the network.

Multi Factor Authentication- Multi factor authentication also known as MFA, is a method of bolstering your log in security. Instead of just needing an email/username and password to access your accounts. MFA puts another step into this process and requires a code to be sent to another device that you own to verify your identity. For example, Microsoft uses the Authenticator app to authenticate the logon attempt.

Security Awareness Training- 80% of data breaches are down to human error and therefore, especially for large businesses this is an area which needs to be covered. The best way to do this is by enrolling employees in a security awareness training program. This teaches important skills to your employees such as spotting phishing emails which may put your business at risk. Typically, training programs also install a cyber aware culture in your business, meaning staff will help each other in ensuring they are following best practices.

group of people working on a security awareness training course

Microsoft 365:

The Microsoft 365 suite of programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are commonly used across the world. For any business looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 for emails or office applications should choose a trusted provider of IT support in Somerset to ensure that the project and migration goes smoothly.

Microsoft OneDrive- OneDrive is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription and provides a secure storage location for your personal files.

Microsoft SharePoint- Businesses and organisations can use Microsoft SharePoint to create storage sites for employees to access. The purpose of SharePoint is that it is an easy way to access, edit and share files only requiring a web browser.

Microsoft Outlook- Outlook is Microsoft’s email solution. It provides a 50Gb mailbox as standard with a basic licence however this can be increased through upgrades.

Microsoft Teams- Teams grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and acts as a communications tool for businesses. Message other members of staff or hold video calls with prospects or employees. The possibilities of communications are endless with Teams.

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Remote IT Support Services:

Many companies providing IT support in Somerset operate on a remote helpdesk basis. This is where all IT support is done via your desktop being controlled remotely. This allows for support around the clock depending on your support package and also the availability for working from home support.

IT Support- IT support covers a whole host of issues and businesses from small accountancy firms with emails not loading up to large scale holiday parks needing 24/7 support for their network. This of course means that there are different levels of package to suit your business. At Three Cherries, we offer standard 9-5 support, extended hours support for tourist attractions staying open late all the way to 24/7 support for those who need it. IT support companies typically charge for this on a per user basis.

IT Support for Schools- At Three Cherries, we understand that schools need rock solid IT support. For those which need an extra helping hand, Three Cherries have been providing IT support to Somerset schools for many years, supporting IT managers and users alike, ensuring the smooth operation of these systems and allowing important learning to take place.

IT support companies helpdesk

The Importance of IT Support in Somerset

With Somerset having a plethora of different businesses and sectors from accountants and estate agents to major distribution firms and engineering companies, IT plays the common denominator in these. Whether its checking and sending emails or designing parts using CAD software, without any or the correct level of IT support, your business is losing out.


Contact Three Cherries: Your IT Support Company in Somerset

While there are many IT support companies in Somerset, at Three Cherries we prioritise understanding your businesses exact needs and how we can solve your IT concerns. Contact us and share your IT concerns with us today and let our team of experts take the weight of slow networks or cyber threats away from your shoulders. At Three Cherries, we take the gamble out of IT support and telephony.



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