What is DPI-SSL within a Firewall and how does it Benefit the Security of your Business?

What is DPI-SSL within a Firewall and how does it Benefit the Security of your Business?

Before looking at how Three Cherries as a leading Bristol IT support company can help your business implementing DPI-SSL to assist with internet security, it is important to understand what it does, how it does it and what the actual benefit is to your business.


What is a Firewall and What does a Firewall do?

A firewall acts like a gate and controls the travel of permitted and prohibited information within a network going in and out. They do this by slowing down the web traffic allowing for it to be monitored and filtered making sure that potential threats do not leak through. Firewalls also have the ability to place restrictions on a network to restrict what employees can access.

Turning on DPI-SSL within your network firewall means that not only is data secured and “locked inside a box”, but it is also thoroughly examined and decrypted by the firewall before deciding on whether access is accepted or blocked meaning that the network has a much higher level of overall security due to these extra checks carried out using the DPI-SSL process.


What is DPI-SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This can be seen in action when you are on a webpage and see the padlock icon at the top. The role of SSL is ensuring that any data travelling between the website and your computer is safe and secure from anyone untoward trying to access it. This is like putting any important information in a sealed box meaning it is completely secure and inaccessible before being sent.

DPI stands for Deep Packet Inspection. This adds a further layer of security to any information being sent between website and computer by the firewall acting as a middleman and checking the content within the data packets before being transferred to ensure its safety. If it is viewed as safe by the firewall, then it will be accepted, and data will be communicated however if anything malicious is found then it is rejected.

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How does this benefit the cybersecurity of your business?

With a Google Transparency report stating now at least 95% of internet traffic is being encrypted including malware and other threats, it is becoming vital to ensure that all information being received is thoroughly examined and checked. This is where a tool such as DPI-SSL implemented into your firewall comes into use. It means that each and every data packet is examined for potential dangers such as viruses, malware or threats and are stopped before they can reach and harm your network.

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How can Three Cherries help implement DPI-SSL into your business?

At Three Cherries, we can help advise and provide the most suitable firewall for your businesses needs. Our experts are able to deploy and configure these firewalls to create an optimal level of security for your network. Trust Three Cherries, a leading IT support company in Bristol, to take the gamble out of security risks within your business and provide a tailored cybersecurity package.



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