Unlocking the Power of Copilot: A Guide to Business Success

With AI being the major talking point in 2023 and 2024, many businesses are looking at how they can leverage this technology in their company to improve their productivity and efficiency. Microsoft Copilot is one of the newest to emerge on the scene and is available to all Windows 11 users. In this blog, Three Cherries as a leading Bristol IT support provider will break down the uses of Copilot and answer common questions about this new and impressive artificial intelligence chatbot.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot commonly shortened to Copilot, is an artificial intelligence chatbot provided by Microsoft. It aims to become your AI companion rather than your AI assistant, providing unique and never-seen-before abilities within the generative AI world. Like any other artificial intelligence chat tool, it can also answer queries and questions like an interactive search engine.

How does Microsoft Copilot Work?

Something we see commonly online is people asking how copilot works. These chatbots are known as generative AI. This is due to the fact their purpose is to generate a response to an input such as questions. These chatbots use AI to have human-like responses to questions or inputs provided. Anything put into the chatbot is broken down by the technology and tokenised, this helps it understand the intent and desired response. Chatbots also use machine learning to constantly develop their knowledge and iron out any mistakes they may make. Copilot also uses rule-based AI for producing logical statements.

Lines of code from a vpn or copilot

Why use Copilot?

Using Copilot provides a whole host of benefits to businesses that haven’t previously been seen before. Being a Microsoft product, its unique selling point revolves around its integrations with the Microsoft 365 suite.

  1. Copilot for Document and Email Management: Using AI, Copilot summarises large bodies of text found in your emails or documents and condenses them into concise sentences. It understands the most important parts of information to include, meaning that you don’t miss out on any necessary areas while shortening the parts that you don’t need. This means that your saved time can be spent elsewhere in the business.
  2. Personalised Assistant: As the name “Copilot” suggests, Microsoft has designed the tool to learn from you and help you. It will pick up your preferences and how you want it to be used. This means that it doesn’t hinder but only enhances your work experience. Copilot will always be tailoring itself to your exact requirements ensuring that it’s aiding your workflow to levels no other AI tool can.
  3. Enhanced Meeting Experiences with Copilot for Microsoft 365: With Teams also being a Microsoft 365 tool, users can expect Copilot to integrate and work in collaboration with the communication software. Examples of the teamwork between the two can be seen in features such as meeting recaps. Copilot can summarise a whole meeting for any users who may have missed the call. It can also suggest relevant information to topics on your meeting agenda. This adds a new dimension to Teams conferencing and calls. 
  4. Task Automation: Many businesses are now taking an approach of efficiency and time savings. Microsoft Copilot enables this concept of “Kaizen” and allows for small time savings in many places therefore equating to a larger sum of time saved, constantly improving your workflow. Mundane tasks such as scheduling meetings and organising files can be done for you through the power of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chatbot.


How much does Copilot Cost?

Standard Microsoft Copilot is included in some Microsoft 365 licences such as Microsoft E3, E5, and Business Standard or Business Premium. However, there are costs associated with either Copilot Pro or Copilot for Microsoft 365. Each package has different features and for integrations with Teams, the top package will be needed. For any more information on what each package includes and their associated costs, contact us today.

Microsoft Copilot and Three Cherries: Your IT and Efficiency Companions

Now you know the basics of Microsoft Copilot and how it will benefit your business, will you adopt this ground breaking technology? At Three Cherries, your leading Bristol IT support provider, our team of experts can run you through how to use Copilot and extract all of the useful tools out of this artificial intelligence chatbot. Contact us today and let Three Cherries take the gamble out of your business technology.



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