Empowering Innovation: Unleashing the Potential of Microsoft Copilot

Unleashing the Potential of Microsoft Copilot


Promising to redefine the way we work, Microsoft Copilot is at the forefront of new technologies, pioneering the AI sector. Microsoft recently announced that starting from November 1, 2023, its AI assistant will be generally available to those with Microsoft 365 Enterprise licencing. As a leading provider of IT support in Bristol, we can assist you with Copilot and maximise its uses for your business.


What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is seen as an AI companion rather than an assistant due to its unique abilities. Put simply, Copilot is an AI assistant for Windows 11 ran on Microsoft AI technology aiming to increase productivity. Being a generative chatbot, it creates human-like responses to whatever information you provide it. This means that you can get assistance with any questions you may have effectively and rapidly.

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How can Microsoft Copilot Benefit your Business?

 Using Copilot has many benefits for businesses and introduces a new standard of productivity in the workplace. At Three Cherries we have highlighted a few of our favourite benefits below.

  1. Copilot for Document and Email Management: Using AI, Copilot can summarise large bodies of text found in your emails or documents and condense them into concise sentences. It is able to understand the most important parts of information to include, meaning that you don’t miss out on any necessary areas while shortening “The Fluff”. This means that you save precious time that can be utilised elsewhere, further enhancing your business.


  1. Personalised Assistance: As the name Copilot suggests, Microsoft has designed the tool to learn from you. It will pick up any preferences and how you may want it to be used. This means that it doesn’t hinder but only enhances. Copilot will always be tailoring itself to your exact requirements to ensure that it’s aiding your workflow to the highest peaks of productivity.


  1. Enhanced Security: Copilot assists in creating a higher security environment on your computer. One of the many uses for Copilot in Outlook is the ability to set up filters for emails that include malware or malicious files. This means that the security of your business is at a heightened level without the need for a great knowledge of technology. This is a large benefit for businesses looking to protect all of their employees of varying technical ability.


  1. Improved Meetings: Within Microsoft Copilot, the way meetings can be recalled will completely change. If you miss a meeting and want to catch up, you have the ability to simply ask Microsoft Copilot, “Did anyone mention my name?” and it will go through the recording of the meeting to see if at any point your name was mentioned. Copilot also has the ability to summarise the whole recorded meeting into a few paragraphs, meaning you don’t have to sit for 20 minutes listening to the recording as Copilot will do this for you, increasing your efficiency.


Is Microsoft Copilot Safe and are there any Risks?

Microsoft Copilot is safe to use and compliant with all of Microsoft’s current privacy and security commitments. This ensures that it is completely safe for all of its intended uses. However, possible risks associated with Copilot mainly revolve around the overdependence on AI. Being still early in its development, it isn’t sensible to rely on it for all business practices as there may still be a number of bugs or errors that could reduce the validity of some results that are produced. There is also a concern surrounding copyright due to it being unclear who owns the material that is generated, and whether infringements or patents should also apply to this content. However, Microsoft has pledged to assist any customers who are under the strike of a copyright claim due to the use of Copilot and its tools. At Three Cherries we can advise you on how to navigate these potential risks to make sure that your business uses AI in a safe and secure manner.

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How can Three Cherries Help your Business Implement Copilot?

As a leading IT support provider in Bristol and the Southwest, we are embracing the change and power of Copilot and AI. At Three Cherries, we offer a range of Microsoft 365 packages and can advise you on the best fit for your exact needs. Within this, our team of experts at Three Cherries can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Copilot and ensure it’s working at its best to unleash your full businesses potential.



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