The Ultimate Guide to VoIP Systems for Business

As IT and Telephony merge, businesses are realising how efficient and effective telephony can be. VoIP is the modern way for organisations to communicate, both internally and with their clients. Functioning via an existing internet connection, VoIP requires little in the way of hardware and offers an array of cutting-edge features at a highly economical price. A communications strategy based on VoIP is bound to go the distance – but what is VoIP exactly? And is it right for your business?

Three Cherries are an IT and Telephony support business based in Bristol. We’re committed to helping SMEs and organisations in the education sector leverage the best technology on the market. We work hard to keep things simple, because effective IT support shouldn’t be full of jargon and technical terms. We keep things simple for our clients, and facilitate their productivity with intuitive, easy to use systems, and comprehensive, reliable support packages.

In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about utilising VoIP for your business’ communications.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and that’s essentially what it is – a telephony system delivered via an internet connection. Instead of having multiple telephone lines, a VoIP system enables businesses to function using a single broadband connection, streamlining operations.

It works by converting a user’s voice into a digital signal which is transmitted to another connected user. The technology allows users to make calls in various ways: from computers, desktop phones, mobiles, and other devices like tablets. This flexibility can be invaluable to businesses in the modern work environment, providing better reliability, and future proofing business systems in the face of rapidly changing technology.

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How Does VoIP Work?

Let’s explore how VoIP systems work in a little more detail. A user speaks into a VoIP telephone, their voice is converted into data and sent to another user via the internet. The VoIP phone splits voice data into packets of information which are sent over a broadband connection using the shortest possible pathway. When the information packets arrive at their destination, the receiving VoIP phone must put the packets into the right order. This allows the data to be converted back into speech.

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Benefits of VoIP for Business

VoIP is being utilised by SMEs all over the world – and for good reason! Reliable and highly practical, VoIP systems offer a host of benefits to businesses of all scales and sectors. Here are some of the top reasons you should think about implementing VoIP.


VoIP provides greater flexibility than traditional landline systems because the package can be tailored to suit your business’ needs. With a multitude of add-ons and a wealth of features to leverage – or, equally, cut back on if not needed – your business will be able to create a system entirely suited to your requirements.


By extension, this flexibility means VoIP systems can scale with your business. Adding extra lines to a landline system requires installation and implementation which can be time consuming and disrupt business activities. By contrast, it’s easy to add new users to a VoIP system whenever necessary and upgrade your package to cover more locations.


The landscape of work has become much more hybrid, with employees working from home or working on the go. For that reason, having a telephony system that is user friendly and highly mobile is invaluable. As VoIP uses the internet to function, calls can be taken from anywhere in the world provided there is internet access. The result? Whatever happens, wherever you and your employees are, your business will still be able to connect and communicate.

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Reduced Costs

VoIP systems often offer reduced costs for business. Not only do they have a low fixed monthly fee, but there is no pricey hardware required to run them – instead, all data is stored in the cloud. More than that, calls between computers via the internet are generally free, making it easy for your business to communicate internally.

Cloud Telephony >

Simplified Communication

VoIP systems are about so much more than just phone calls. They allow businesses to integrate their browsers, instant messaging, calls, and emails, making them highly beneficial for those with lots of home or remote workers. In one place, your business will have access to a range of efficient, reliable communication tools.

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Efficient Telephony Solutions for SMEs

If you want to start making the most of VoIP, Three Cherries can help you explore your options and get started with this exciting solution to modern business communications. Get in touch with us today and we’ll talk through the fundamentals of business telephony in an easy to understand way, and explain the next steps.

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