The Future of Working: Embracing Working from Home in 2024

In 2024, many businesses will be considering how they can improve in the new year or implement policies that may prove beneficial. A common phrase likely to be heard in meetings across the country is ‘Working from Home.’ In this blog, we will be breaking down the benefits your business can reap by embracing this new normal and how Three Cherries, as a leading Bristol IT support provider, can help you implement this across your business.


What is Working from Home?

Working from home or remote working is a policy adopted by many businesses that enables employees to access the required files and resources to work outside of the normal workplace. Popularised by the pandemic, the remote working trend is gaining momentum, making it the best time to explore how you can implement this into your own business. There are two different types of home working policy offered by businesses. These are “hybrid” or “fully remote”. A hybrid policy as the name suggests, balances working from home and in the office. A fully remote policy however entails the user only working remotely and not in the office at all. This is less common than the hybrid policy among many businesses.

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What are the Benefits of Home Working?


Increased Productivity:

By being able to tailor your own space to your exact needs, many businesses have seen increases in productivity. Allowing staff members to work remotely enables them to choose their environment, reducing distractions or creating a more comfortable setting. The elimination of the commute also provides users with more time to complete tasks fully maximising the work day and reaching new levels of productivity.

Cost Savings:

With employees working remotely, there is a reduction in personal expenses such as fuel or transport into work. Businesses also benefit from cost savings, including reduced strain on office materials such as hardware/equipment and electricity due to fewer staff working on premises. This ‘hybrid’ policy, balancing in-person and remote work, can lead to substantial cost reductions.

Environmental Impacts:

A lesser-highlighted benefit of working from home is its positive environmental impact. The significant reduction in work commutes leads to less fuel consumption and a reduced carbon footprint for each employee. Additionally, less electricity is consumed within the office due to fewer computers and less heating, positively impacting the environment by reducing consumables such as paper, water, and electricity.

Business Continuity-

By introducing a home working scheme which works effectively and efficiently ensures that during any unforeseen circumstances such as weather events, illness and building works/renovation, employees know what to do and that they can access everything they need whilst away from site. This proved invaluable for many businesses through the pandemic and allowed for minimal disruption. Ensuring your employees have access to necessary documents away from the office will prove vital in 2024 and beyond.


How can Three Cherries Implement Home Working into your Business?

At Three Cherries, we understand the numerous benefits of working from home and believe it is something to be embraced and implemented across various businesses and sectors. As a leading IT support and telephony provider in Bristol and Somerset, we can assist and migrate users looking to work from home in Bristol and the Southwest. Ensuring the correct security procedures are followed at home, just as in the office, is crucial for maintaining network and data safety. Contact the experts at Three Cherries and let us take the gamble out of your working from home policy in Bristol and the Southwest



Don’t hesistate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for IT support across Bristol and the South West.

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