The Critical Importance of Data Backup and Recovery Services for Businesses

In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of any business, but the statistics reveal a worrying trend in data management practices. A staggering 96% of businesses fail to have effective data backup across all their workstations, exposing them to significant risks​​​​. This oversight is particularly alarming given that each week (in the US) around 140,000 hard drive crashes occur, and annually, 6% of all PCs suffer data loss​​. For small businesses, the situation is even more dire, with 75% lacking a disaster recovery plan in the event of a data breach​​​​. This absence of preparedness is a ticking time bomb, as 93% of organisations without a recovery plan face the threat of going out of business within a year following a major data disaster (IDC figures – commissioned by Zerto)​​.

The Staggering Costs of Data Loss

The financial implications of data loss are monumental. The average global cost of a data breach in 2023 soared to an alarming $4.45 million, marking a significant 15% increase over three years​​​​. The costs vary across industries, with the healthcare sector facing the highest average data breach costs of $10.10 million, while the financial industry grapples with an average of $5.97 million (IBM)​​. These figures highlight not just the immediate financial burden but also the long-term impact on business continuity and reputation.

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Three Cherries: Your Shield Against Data Calamities

At Three Cherries, we understand the criticality of data security and the catastrophic consequences of neglecting it. Our approach aligns with the adage that “backing up your files is like paying for insurance.” You realise its true value only when a crisis strikes, and it’s the assurance that ‘you’re covered’ which makes all the difference.

Our automated daily backup service ensures that a mirror image of your files is safely stored offsite. This proactive measure is not just a task to check off your “to-do” list but a fundamental component of your business’s resilience strategy. The sobering statistics and the astronomical costs associated with data breaches underscore the necessity of reliable backup and recovery services.

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Don’t Gamble with Your Data

The high percentage of businesses without effective backup solutions and the severe consequences of data loss highlight an urgent need for robust data protection strategies. Three Cherries’ services are not just a safety net; they are an essential investment in the security and longevity of your business. In an era where data loss can mean the end of your business, can you afford not to be prepared?

The absence of effective data backup and recovery measures is not just an IT oversight; it’s a business risk that no company can afford. As Three Cherries, we offer more than just backup services; we provide peace of mind, ensuring that your data, and consequently your business, is secure against the unforeseen. Don’t wait until it’s too late – secure your data, secure your future.



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