SQL Server 2014 End of Life: The Best Business Options

The speed of change within the technology sector is currently faster than ever. Constantly new forms of hardware and software are being released to help aid your business systems, provide entertainment, or allow you to do your job. With this, to ensure programs are running at their best with access to the newest features, there must come to a point where they are made end of life. The latest victim of this is the SQL Server 2014 end of life. Read on to find out more about how this will affect your business and what can be done to ensure a smooth transition.


What is Microsoft SQL Server 2014?

To best define what SQL Server 2014 is, it’s important to know roughly what “SQL” means and what it does in terms of a server.

SQL – The abbreviation SQL stands for Structured Query Language. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to structure data and manage it efficiently.

SQL Server 2014 – Microsoft’s offering is SQL Server 2014. Its purpose is to organise and structure files using a coding language named Structured Query Language (SQL). This allows for a highly organised file system within businesses.

Lines of code language in an sql server 2014

What does SQL Server 2014 do?

The role of an SQL Server is to organise the data almost like a warehouse. By organising it into a structured format, it allows for easy data retrieval. Imagine a warehouse with different products labelled by category or purpose. It makes finding what you’re after much quicker and easier. SQL does this exact thing but for data rather than products or goods.


What are the Benefits of an SQL Server?

SQL servers provide a highly organised and efficient data handling and analysis system. They can handle large volumes of data and users, suiting both large organisations and small businesses. There are three main benefits to SQL servers which we believe aid any business. These are listed below.

Scalability and Growth – SQL servers allow for a scalable approach due to their capacity and ability to host many users. This means that if you predict a large increase in business size and therefore requirements for data handling also increasing,

Security – Cyber threats are increasing at incredible speeds that have never been seen before. Therefore, it is vital that whatever server system that you decide to use, is safe and secure from any attacks. In 2024, cybersecurity should be a priority for any business regardless of size or sector.

Data Management – The SQL platform is an efficient and powerful way to manage data and ensure it is stored and organised in the best possible way. By using data charts and graphs to analyse and categorise, your data will be organised consistently within your system. This makes finding data simple.


What is the SQL Server 2014 End of Life?

As software ages and new versions become available, over time the older versions become less secure and therefore, the best way for Microsoft to get the majority of businesses to migrate to a newer version is by ceasing support. Therefore, as of the 9th of July 2024, the support for server 2014 is ending. This marks the SQL server 2014 end of life or also known as EoL.

Two men looking at a server and discussing SQL Server 2014 end of life

What Can We Do About the SQL Server 2014 End of Life?

There are two main options regarding the SQL server 2014 end of life for those using the servers and still wanting to continue using them. These are the following.

Upgrade to a Newer Version of SQL Server – The 9th of July marks the end of life for SQL Server 2014, not later models such as 2017 or 2019. This therefore means the simplest way of managing the end of life is by upgrading the software on your server. This benefits your overall security massively also compared to staying on an unsupported and unpatched 2014. This is licenced in the same way, therefore your service provider can roll this out for you. If you’re unsure however, please don’t hesitate to contact Three Cherries for assistance.

Changing to an Azure SQL Database – An Azure SQL database provides a cloud solution to the standard SQL server. This is a fully managed system and has regular security updates etc to ensure that your business data is protected from any possible attacks. This is a cost-effective method as you only pay for what you need, making it ideal for small or growing businesses that desire scalability.

Three Cherries: SQL Server 2014 End of Life

If you’re struggling to understand the upcoming SQL server 2014 end of life or want to find out more about how your business may benefit from adopting an SQL server database, contact Three Cherries and let our IT experts guide you through the process, taking the gamble out of your business technology.



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