Simulated Phishing: How to Identify your Weaknesses

With digital threats constantly evolving and becoming more complex yet frequent, it is important that you understand how your small business cyber security can improve and what you can do to solve this. Therefore, in this blog, Three Cherries as a leading IT support provider will delve into one of the many methods to find weaknesses being a simulated phishing test.


What is Simulated Phishing?

We see many questions such as “Do phishing simulations work?” and “Are Phishing Simulations Effective?” therefore we will answer these questions below. Simulated phishing does exactly what it says on the tin. The purpose of running a simulated phishing test is to find weaknesses in your business at an employee level. This is done by fake phishing emails being sent out to your employees posing to be a trusted company such as the NHS or Amazon.  The aim is to find members of staff who are unable to identify these phishing emails and in the case of a real one, would put your business at risk by clicking on a link etc.

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Why Phishing Simulations are Important

Simulated phishing provides an easy and trackable method to identifying core weaknesses in small businesses. With over 80% of data breaches and threats being down to human error, it is clear that making sure your staff are aware and able to identify malicious content should be on your priority list. Phishing simulations allow a valuable insight into who exactly are the weaknesses thanks to analytics such as email opens and failures. A failure is anyone who clicks on the “malicious” link. This then allows you to see who exactly needs training and extra support in cyber awareness.


Do Phishing Simulations Work?

Phishing simulations are effective in the process of identifying members of staff in your business which may lack technical knowledge or cyber awareness. This then allows you to deliver the correct training to them meaning that in the future, they will know to avoid phishing emails and not put your business at risk.


Simulated Phishing Campaigns: How Three Cherries Can Help

Using our trusted partner, we can provide phishing simulations in Bristol and Simulated phishing for small businesses. We have access to the most up to date templates allowing us to deliver realistic and ultra believable false phishing emails allowing you to find your weak links. At Three Cherries, we believe in the impact that simulated phishing and awareness training can have on small businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity and general cyber awareness. Contact Three Cherries today to find out how we can transform your cybersecurity.



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