RansomWare – a real and present threat to all UK business owners.

Imagine the consequences of your computer network and all your data being held to Ransom by malicious online criminals.

We stopped that nightmare happening 53,903 times last month alone!


Recent UK headlines have highlighted once again how many organisations are just a click away from a potentially catastrophic malware infection or data breach. The world-leading heart and lung Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire was lucky enough to have daily back-ups in place when it was recently hit by a ransomware attack. North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust was less so, and ended up cancelling operations and moving patients elsewhere after IT systems were taken offline for several days.

In Bristol recently, many of our schools were forced to abandon lessons after being attacked by sophisticated viruses that effectively bought the schools to a standstill – until Three Cherries emergency response teams resolved the attack and released the schools from RansomWare threats.


Don’t let be held to ransom by Ransomware!
RansomWare attacks are on the increase – at an alarming pace. The cost of paying a ransom can be exorbitant. The cost of preventing an attack far less so.

Don’t gamble with the security of your network and your data.

Call Three Cherries – and running the risk of being held to RansomWare
can be one business risk that together we’ve got covered!

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