What is the Best Phone System for this New Different?

What is the Best Phone System for this New Different

The year 2020 will go down as one of unprecedented challenges and change for many businesses. However, can we turn this change into something positive? What positive change do businesses want to make as a result of the pandemic? Three Cherries are here to show that whilst change can be unsettling, it can also result in positively different outcomes. The rise of home working has become a new different, which may change our working habits for good. A modern-day telephony solution is required to give staff the ability to call from home as if they’re in the office, without complicated and expensive setups.

There are so many different types of telephone system on the market today. It can be hard to cut through the noise to find out which solution fits your business the best.

What is the best phone system for remote working?

The best telephone system for remote working is a cloud-based VoIP solution.

The traditional telephone system uses telephone lines and an on-premise piece of hardware to control all the incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This hardware is known as a PBX.

But with modern day technology, you can host your PBX in the cloud, rather than having it sat physically in your office. This offers dramatic cost saving benefits as well as (you guessed it) the ability to have remote workers.

These remote workers can make use of your cloud telephone system from any device. For example, if they’re working remotely, they can download a free VoIP mobile app and connect directly into your telephone system. This allows them to work from anywhere, using only their smartphone.

How to set up remote workers on a cloud telephone system?

Because the whole solution is cloud based, a VoIP solution can give your users freedom, whether they’re remote or office based. A practical solution could include physical handsets, headsets and logins for mobile apps, and then configure your system remotely.

The flexibility of the cloud means that your telephone system can be configured exactly as you’d like it—and tweaked and changed as your business grows.

In Summary

If you’re unfamiliar with VoIP and are thinking of adopting this system, it’s key to choose the right service for your business, in order for it to help, not hinder your day to day work. This is where Three Cherries take the gamble out of business technology. As their are lots of VoIP telephony providers out there, if you want advise about how the correct VoIP Telephony system can help your business, give Three Cherries a call on 0117 930 0333.



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