Outsourced Cybersecurity: The 5 Most Important Benefits

Many business owners will understand the need for reliable and strong cybersecurity measures. Not only does it ensure that your business stays running, it also means that your personal data and customer data is protected. Many companies however don’t have sufficient measures or have the knowledge on how to implement them. This is when we believe it’s best to reach for outsourced cybersecurity.


What is Cybersecurity?

To start off, it’s worth understanding what cybersecurity actually means before looking at ways to improve it or outsource it. The true meaning of cybersecurity is defending computers, networks or data from malicious or dangerous attacks.


What is Outsourced Cybersecurity?

Outsourced Cybersecurity is as simple as it sounds. It is the process of using another company to install measures to improve overall cybersecurity and protection compared to doing it yourself as a business.

Man looking at a firewall with a laptop in his hands. The man is from an outsourced cybersecurity company

What does Outsourced Cybersecurity Involve?

This question depends massively on the type of business you operate and what measures are already in place. Simple improvements could simply be implementing measures such as two factor authentication and improving general password security. On the other hand, this could be as complex as installing a high security firewall and backup system to ensure ultimate protection.


What are the Benefits of Outsourced Cybersecurity?

There are a whole host of benefits associated with outsourcing your cybersecurity. At Three Cherries, we have listed 5 benefits below which we believe truly represent how useful outsourced cybersecurity can be.

Cost Savings:

Perhaps one of the clearest benefits associated with outsourcing your cybersecurity is cost savings. By not having to employ a new member of staff with a background in cybersecurity or IT, you save having to pay an expensive salary. There is also the chance they may go on annual leave or be sick when needed the most. By outsourcing cybersecurity, you can rest assured knowing someone is always available to assist.

Access to Knowledge:

By outsourcing cybersecurity, you are able to access a wealth of knowledge which can be used to improve business cybersecurity. With the variety of sectors needing cybersecurity improvements, by having this combined knowledge of a team, you know that the solution provided will be the most suitable and effective one.

24/7 Support:

Unfortunately, cyber threats and IT issues won’t wait for anyone, and they can happen 24/7 without warning. This is another reason why using a partner such as Three Cherries who offer 24/7 support proves beneficial over an inhouse cybersecurity or IT team. To have a team of employees able to respond to any emergencies around the clock will cost you heavy. However, with using a MSP, you can access this service at a much-reduced rate compared to salary prices.

System Continuity:

Another benefit of having an outsourced cybersecurity company is continuity. By having an inhouse team, you run the risk of members of staff leaving the company and having to hire new employees. This means that any prior knowledge of the systems will be lost. On the other hand, by working with an outsourced cybersecurity company, the whole team will learn the systems and have a continuous understanding of the operations. This will increase stability and ensure your cybersecurity efforts are kept up to date and effective.

Accreditations and Schemes:

Many businesses are now looking to become Cyber Essentials accredited to show other companies that they value cybersecurity. To get this accreditation, many businesses will need audits surrounding their current security efforts. Without using an MSP for this, it is similar to giving your car an MOT yourself. Therefore, it’s best to allow an outsourced company to do this for you.


Three Cherries: Outsourced Cybersecurity Bristol

If you’re unsure whether your cybersecurity measures are up to scratch or think you may benefit from outsourcing your cybersecurity, contact Three Cherries and our team of experts will guide you through the processes and technologies available today to help keep your business secure.



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