Windows 10 End of Life: Preparing for the Future

With technology evolving at an ever-increasing rate, operating systems are no exception to this. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to consider their plans for the future and how they will navigate upgrading their operating system. In this blog, Three Cherries will break down what the Windows 10 end of life means for businesses and how as a leading IT support provider in Bristol and Somerset, we can help you upgrade to the newest software.


What does Windows 10 End of Life (EoL) mean?

An end of life simply means that the piece of software will no longer be supported past a date. In this case, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 for the first time since its release in 2015. This change is due to occur on the 14th October 2025. This means that businesses should be thinking about the future and how this change may affect their systems.

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What Changes Occur in Windows 10 End of Life?

The main change created by Windows 10 end of life which will affect businesses is the lack of updates after the 14th October 2025. These updates include important security patches and fixes which ensure that the operating system is secure. When these stop, users with malicious intent will try to find areas with weaknesses to exploit therefore putting your data at risk. In 2024 and beyond, it is imperative that you ensure your cybersecurity is working to the highest standards, protecting you from the many different threats present.


What is the Update from Windows 10?

Released on 5th October 2021, Windows 11 is currently the most up to date operating system offered by Microsoft. It includes many new features including the exciting new AI tool named Copilot offered by Microsoft which enables enhanced workflow and efficiency through the use of generative Artificial Intelligence. There are many similarities with both Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the layout and UI meaning that there isn’t a steep learning curve in adapting to a new operating system. It’s advisable that users should adopt Windows 11 as soon as possible to familiarise themselves with the operating system, rather than waiting until the Windows 10 end of life and it being too late.


Planning your Transition to Windows 11

Hardware- The majority of business should be able to upgrade to Windows 11 easily without the need for upgrading PCs and laptops however, Windows 11 does have a minimum specification for using the operating system and therefore this consequently means that some computers may need to be upgraded. As a leading IT support provider in Bristol, Three Cherries can best recommend businesses on what hardware they will need to enable a smooth and fully supported operating system experience for the present and the future.

Backups- To ensure a smooth operating system transition, it is important that business look at backing up their important data to prevent losing any files during the upgrade to Windows 11. This mitigates the expensive costs which are associated with data recovery and also ensures that your business stays running with minimal downtime.

Software Compatibility- By the time Windows 10 reaches end of life, most applications will support the Windows 11 operating system. However, some applications will still lack the ability to work on Windows 11 due to the developers not updating the software etc. Therefore, it is good practice to double check that all of your necessary applications will run smoothly on the Windows 11 platform.


How can Three Cherries Help Businesses Navigate Windows 11 End of Life?

At Three Cherries, we understand that the world of operating systems and software can prove confusing to businesses. Therefore, we are able to aid in the planning and implementation of Windows 11 across your business in a seamless manner ensuring that there is minimal downtime and no data loss. Contact Three Cherries today, and allow our experts to help your business overcome the fast approaching Windows 10 end of life.



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