Moving to the Cloud: The Environmental and Business Benefits

In 2024 many businesses are turning to ways they can make their business more environmentally friendly. Typically, the first thoughts go to buying electric vehicles or installing solar panels. However, there may be a way to improve your businesses environmental impact which you haven’t thought about yet. This is migrating to the cloud.


What is the Cloud?

Although it may share the same name as the fluffy things in the sky, the cloud in computing terms is very different. In layman’s terms, the cloud is data online. Examples of this include cloud storage such as OneDrive which is where your files and data are stored online rather than on a physical hard drive in a server, in your office.

There’s a good chance you’ve been using cloud based services and not even realising it. This is due to how impressively they integrate with other tools and pieces of software.


How Can Moving to the Cloud Make Us More Environmentally Friendly?

In the section below, Three Cherries have broken down the ways moving to the cloud can make your business more environmentally friendly.


Removal Of Physical Local Servers:

Many people will be familiar with what a server is and the room they take up in an office. Although they have served an important purpose for many years and still continue to, they aren’t very efficient or environmentally friendly. They typically have high demands on electricity use and take up a large area of space which could be better utilised.

On a small scale, this may not seem like a massive effect, but if you imagine businesses all across the world having these power hungry local servers, it all adds up to a hefty impact.

IT support outsourcing company looking at a server during a cyber essentials audit

Data Centre Efficiency:

Most cloud data centres have been designed to be as efficient and green as possible. With data showing that a Microsoft Azure solution could be up to 98% more carbon efficient than an on-premise solution. This clearly shows the benefit of a cloud based solution in comparison to local in terms of playing a part in minimising the impact businesses have on the planet.

Cost Efficiency:

Although its not directly linked to improving the environmental impact your business has using the cloud, but by saving money using a cloud solution, you can invest these newfound savings into other methods of reducing your impact. With most cloud solutions, you pay for what you use and there isn’t also a cost of electricity to run them. This typically leads to a cheaper solution long term.


Perhaps the most attractive benefit to many businesses is the scalability associated with cloud services. If your business is in a state of expanding and you need to acquire more storage, you can on the fly get more storage. In comparison, with a local server, if your business was expanding and you needed more storage, you may have to consider spending a large sum on a new server.


Bringing your Business to the Cloud: Three Cherries

The thought of moving important business data may sound daunting. By choosing a trusted and experienced IT support company such as Three Cherries, you can rest assured that this process will be done both correctly and efficiently. If you have any questions or queries regarding the cloud, contact us today and we will advise you on how your business can take advantage.



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