Mastering Firewalls: The Key to Cybersecurity in 2024

With cybersecurity being the topic on many businesses’ minds, a firewall which is set up correctly will be something every company should look at implementing. In this blog, Three Cherries as a leading IT support and telephony provider in Bristol and the Southwest will breakdown the basics which surround what firewalls do and explain what the term firewall means.


What is a Firewall?

Think of your network as a house with doors and windows. A firewall would act as a guard outside, checking everyone who is entering and exiting the house ensuring that nothing bad enters or leaves. This is the exact role of the firewall in a network. Any incoming or outbound data is checked by the firewall first to ensure that nothing of harm is entering your computer or leaving. This therefore creates a cybersecure environment.

Cyber Security Firewall

Why do I Need a Firewall?

A question on the minds of many companies is “Why do we need a firewall?” Therefore, to help businesses better understand why it’s something which should be implemented, we have included some of the benefits that organisations with firewalls gain.

Increased Network Security-

Any increases in security should be something that any business looks into. By implementing a firewall, network traffic is monitored and therefore any malicious or suspicious activity can be blocked. This prevents unauthorised access to your network and data.

Threat Protection-

Many modern firewalls come with advanced threat protection and have features such as content filtering, malware detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). This ensures that all data is kept as secure as possible. Content filtering also allows for businesses to tailor what they want their employees to be able to search and view at work.

Greater Control of Information-

By being able to define which users are able to access different resources on your network, the risk of data breaches is reduced. It also reduces the risk of users accidently leaking sensitive information from customers etc.


How Three Cherries Can Help with Firewalls and Cybersecurity

Three Cherries offer multiple services to ensure that deployed firewalls are meeting the correct requirements for each business and that they are working to a high standard maintaining top cybersecurity across the organisation.

System Audits- Three Cherries can conduct a system audit and check any weaknesses in your network. This allows us to create a bespoke firewall setup to your exact business’s requirements.

Firewall Deployment- Our experts then deploy firewalls from our trusted supplier (SonicWall). These are configured optimally and tested to ensure that they’re working correctly and efficiently.

Managed Security- Three Cherries will monitor your firewall and ensure that any threats are dealt with quickly to maintain high levels of security across your business.


Contact Three Cherries Today:

Three Cherries as a leading Bristol IT support provider are experts in deploying firewalls to bolster business cybersecurity. We can provide a firewall for small businesses or large organisations needing top level security. Contact us today to find out how Three Cherries can help businesses in Bristol and the Southwest with implementing a reliable firewall and bolstering their defences against cyber threats in 2024.



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