IT Support Somerset: How Three Cherries Can Help

Somerset hosts a wide range of businesses from small creative agencies to large scale manufacturing businesses. This means that a range of services are needed to ensure smooth running and operations. One of these important services is IT support. In this blog, we will cover important services offered by IT support Somerset companies such as Three Cherries.


Cybersecurity in Somerset:

The internet is constantly expanding, and new technologies are becoming available. With this, however, also comes more threats developed by malicious users. Protecting your business from attacks is becoming one of the most important actions you can do. Depending on your business size and sector, here are a few helpful areas which an IT support Somerset company can help you with.


Many people have heard of the term “firewall” but are not sure what it does or why their business would benefit from having one in the network. To define one in a non-technical aspect would look something like security scanners at a supermarket. They monitor things going in and out of a place. Anything which should not be leaving or entering is detected and stopped. In the case of a firewall, the same principle applies. Any malicious data going into a network or out is stopped and consequently, keeps your network safe.

Three Cherries as an IT support Somerset provider are able to offer expert advice on firewalls and how they will best benefit your business and protect your network from any malicious users.

Man looking at a firewall with a laptop in his hands

Security Awareness Training:

An overlooked section of cybersecurity is your employees. Do they know how to identify common threats online and in emails? Do they know who to contact if they are being hacked? If not, enrolling staff into a security awareness training program may benefit your business due to the staggering statistic that 80% of cyber-attacks are down to human error. These courses typically involve teaching important skills such as phishing email identification. This can then be assessed by using fake phishing emails sent to your staff, this allows identification of who may need extra support.

At Three Cherries, our leading security awareness training provider can demonstrate the uses and benefits of the course and advise you on how to best ensure your staff are keeping your business safe.


Cyber Essentials Certification Somerset:


What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme aiming to help protect organisations from cyberthreats. This certification comes in multiple levels/stages and depending on your business needs, one may be more suitable than the other.

Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment:

The self-assessment is the lowest form of certification offered by the cyber essentials scheme. This is where a checklist is provided to you of differing cyber security measures, and you send it back to Cyber Essentials for them to check. This is an internal audit and therefore, a lower level of status than the higher, externally audited Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber Essentials Plus:

This is the highest level of certification and offers an external assessment to audit your companies cyber security efforts. This aims to help identify issues within your company where cyber security may be not prioritised. This is a rigorous assessment, and your business may require support in meeting these standards.

Why Should We Become Certified?

By being certified, not only will your business be cybersecure and safer from cyberattacks, other businesses and customers will see your business as more attractive, creating a win-win situation. An IT support Somerset company such as Three Cherries can help your company achieve this status, and make sure you are in line with the requirements.


Data Recovery and Backup Somerset:

With the price of data loss at an all-time high, it is important that you know what your data recovery and backup plan is to ensure in the unfortunate case of data loss, you can recover what is needed. Do you have a cloud or local backup? Are you backing up daily or weekly? If you are unsure of the answer to any of these questions, it is worth contacting an IT support somerset provider such as Three Cherries to form a strong backup strategy and ensure all data is kept safe.

IT Support Somerset company installing a server

IT Support Somerset: Remote Support   

With many businesses looking to outsource services due to rising costs, IT is one of these areas which can be highly beneficial to outsource. Not only do you save monthly costs on paying an internal IT technicians salary when outsourcing, you also are able to access talents and skillsets not available before. This monthly ongoing support enables you peace of mind going forward in a time when technology is as important as ever.

Many IT support Somerset companies will also offer services such as Microsoft 365 migrations and server installs, taking the dramas and confusion out of technical projects which have been in the works for prolonged periods of time.


Three Cherries: A Leading IT Support Somerset Provider

At Three Cherries, we understand how each business in Somerset differs and therefore so does the support required. If you have any questions or concerns about your IT, contact us today and let the experts at Three Cherries help you.



Don’t hesistate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for IT support across Bristol and the South West.

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