Improving Your Cybersecurity In 2024: How Three Cherries Can Help

With the digital landscape ever evolving, new threats are constantly emerging and therefore it is paramount that any data is secure and safe from any malicious intent. At Three Cherries, we understand the importance of this and have highlighted a few key areas to look at in 2024 and how as a leading IT support provider, we can improve cybersecurity for businesses in Bristol and the Southwest.


What is Cybersecurity?

Put simply, Being “cybersecure” means that your data is protected and safe from any criminal intent online. However, as new technologies emerge this definition is bound to grow based on potential new risks. Therefore, it is vital that every business strives to be cybersecure in 2024 especially any which rely on technology to run.


How can Businesses Improve their Cybersecurity in 2024?

In the upcoming sections, Three Cherries, a leading IT support provider in Bristol and Somerset, will outline strategies for enhancing cybersecurity in the new year. We will specifically delve into two key aspects: Multi-Factor Authentication and Security Awareness Training. When executed effectively, both measures can bring substantial benefits to businesses.


Multi Factor Authentication-

A growing talking point currently is the importance of Multi Factor Authentication and specifically Two Factor Authentication. This process ensures that accounts are secured to a higher level. Instead of users with malicious intent only needing a password to access an account, they will be faced with the need of a randomly generated code only accessible to the user’s “Authenticator” app on their mobile device. This means that without the account holders’ device, someone with malicious intent will not be able to access the data/account. Two factor authentication is becoming increasingly popular across the web with sites such as Microsoft, PayPal and Google all opting to use this form of security to protect data.

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What are the Benefits of Multi Factor Authentication?


High Levels of Security-

By using Two Factor Authentication, users’ data is kept behind another layer of security. If the user with malicious intent doesn’t have access to the victim’s device, they are unable to proceed through to any data. Also, in the case of any password breaches or leaks, your account will still stay secure behind the second factor if there are any login attempts ensuring piece of mind. Going into 2024, many will see having Two factor authentication or Multi factor authentication as imperative and necessary across the business.

Ease of use-

With most users having access to a smartphone or mobile device, the majority of people within a business will be able to download the authenticator app and link Two Factor Authentication to their account. With many devices also having fingerprint authentication and face recognition, this can integrate with the app and make the login process even easier meaning getting your unique login code is made even easier. The interfaces of the applications are made simple and easy to navigate, allowing anybody to use it.

Secure Remote Access-

With the new normal being working from home, it is important that businesses ensure their employees working remotely are still maintaining high levels of security. By using Two Factor Authentication, this ensures that any attempted logins from unknown locations are verified and only from intended sources. Going into 2024 this is vital as accessing files away from the office will grow in importance based on the growing trend of home working.


Security Awareness Training-

At your business, employees can be the first line of defence against any cyber threats if trained correctly. Therefore, we believe that all business would benefit from undergoing security awareness training. Not only does this teach a new life skill of being able to navigate online threats, but it also benefits your business with increased security. Many cybercriminals will target businesses by sending emails claiming to be a trusted site such as Microsoft asking you to login. As soon as you follow this link and enter your details, if Two Factor Authentication isn’t enabled, the criminals are able to access your data and files. By utilising skills learnt in training, users would be able to identify this email as malicious and report it, improving the overall security of a business.

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What are the benefits of Security Awareness Training?


Simulated Phishing Attacks-

Security awareness training can simulate phishing attacks by sending a fake malicious email to employees in your company. Users are first trained with a trusted partner of Three Cherries on what threats may look like and how to navigate them. A fake phishing email is then sent across the company to put this training to the test. The results are then viewable to see which users may have clicked the link and entered their details. This consequently shows any weak links and people who may need more training due to their vulnerability. This data is provided in graphs and stats meaning it is clear and easy to understand.

Empowering Employees

By providing the correct security awareness training across your business, you’re not only teaching a vital life skill but also allowing staff members to be the front line of defence when it comes to any cyber threats. Around 35% of cyber attacks have been identified as down to an employee compromising the security of the business. One of the most common causes being phishing emails pretending to be a trusted source. By providing the training, this gives your business the best chance to reduce this statistic and nip any potential vulnerabilities in the bud.


How Can Three Cherries Help Improve your Business Cybersecurity?

At Three Cherries, we recognize the imperative for robust security on various fronts. Our team of experts excel in configuring Multi-Factor Authentication for your Microsoft accounts, fortifying the security for each and every user. Through our trusted partner, we also offer comprehensive security awareness training in Bristol and the Southwest. This empowers employees to operate in an ultra-secure manner, creating a workplace that is resilient against potential threats and downtime.



Don’t hesistate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for IT support across Bristol and the South West.

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