Improving Communication: The Important Role of Collaboration Tools in 2024

With more business opting to use collaboration tools to enhance communication and productivity, now is the best time to adopt these pieces of software. In this blog, Three Cherries will highlight the benefits and importance of using collaboration tools found within the Microsoft suite.


What is a Collaboration Tool?

Put simply, a collaboration tool is a digital space in which multiple members of your team can work together and communicate even if they aren’t in the same room or location. This is especially helpful for companies who use a hybrid or fully remote system and need to be able to access files away from the office. Collaboration tools bring discussions and file sharing into one place making it a tool which every business should be considering how to adopt in 2024 and beyond.

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Collaboration Tools within Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 suite encompasses several applications that provide collaboration and communication benefits. Below, Three Cherries has listed a handful that we believe can significantly benefit any business when implemented correctly


Microsoft Teams:

Teams is Microsoft’s offering into the collaboration tool market and grew massively during the pandemic when working from home was required and businesses needed a solution to reliable file sharing and communication. Microsoft Teams excels in providing streamlined group communications due to its ability to have a chat page with multiple members of your workplace. This can then be further split into chats for different sectors e.g. a chat for the sales team. Another area where Teams excels is video calls/ meetings. By being able to join or host video calls with members of your organisation and others, allows for levels of communication not possible before.

Microsoft SharePoint:

SharePoint is Microsoft’s solution to document and data sharing across organisations. These SharePoint “sites” are accessible through a URL link which can be sent to anyone who needs access. The privacy of these sites however can be tailored to your organisation’s exact needs therefore any important files can be made only accessible to the right users. This ensures a safe and secure file sharing system. Being a Microsoft application, it integrates with other pieces of software such as Teams, Word and Excel, streamlining your workflow.

Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is the mailing system offered within the Microsoft 365 suite. Depending on your licencing, mailbox sizes can go up to a maximum of 100GB (with an enterprise licence) ensuring that you always have enough space to keep receiving and sending important emails. Not only does Outlook provide mail services, but it also provides an advanced calendar system allowing for you to keep track of any important meetings or events. This can be further enhanced by sharing your calendar with other users in your workplace allowing others to know when you’re busy or what you’re working on.


The Role of IT Support in Collaboration Tools:

IT support companies play an important role in ensuring that collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are setup correctly and therefore benefiting users in your business. Three Cherries as a leading IT support provider specialise in Microsoft 365 migration and setup. This consequently puts us in the prime position to be able to assist with any issues or queries surrounding Microsoft 365 in Bristol or the Southwest.

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The Future of Workplace Communication: Adopting Collaboration Tools in 2024

It is evident that in the future, the vast majority of businesses will use software such as Microsoft Teams to liaise and communicate with others. Therefore, it is vital that your business adopts correctly setup software to reduce potential issues. When complemented with robust and straightforward IT support offered by the likes of Three Cherries, businesses can take advantage of the tools offered in the Microsoft 365 suite reliably. Contact us today to find out how we can implement collaboration tools such as Teams for businesses in Bristol and the South West.



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