Enhancing Cybersecurity: The Importance of a VPN

Many businesses may find the word “VPN” or the topic of cybersecurity confusing and full of jargon. Therefore, at Three Cherries, we have made a blog covering these business IT services and made them as simple as possible for people to understand. Read on to find out how we can take the gamble out of your business IT!


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN for short, is a technology that establishes a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and a server on the internet. This ensures that your data is secure due to its encryption. This server can be located in a different geographical region also, therefore allowing you to access information whilst working remotely.

Lady on her laptop working in a public place with a VPN

What Does a VPN do?

When you are online browsing the internet, all of your traffic is sent directly to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) who then directs you to your chosen website. What a VPN does, however, is redirect this traffic through to a private network before reaching the destination website. It does this in two main steps.

Encryption of Data- A VPN ensures that your data passes through a “tunnel” of encryption. This ensures that your data is secure in this tunnel and ISPs cannot access this information which is stored or sold later on. VPNs also ensure that you leave no cookies and browsing data on websites, protecting all of your personal data.

Location Masking- VPNs ensure that your location is hidden by masking your IP. This can be beneficial for tasks such as remote working. By masking your location, you can also access geo-restricted content.


Why Would I Need a VPN?

Some companies and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) store and share data with advertisers and other bodies such as the government. It is also clear that many employees may log in to their work accounts away from the office on a public network. This poses a risk to data such as passwords or banking details. This therefore means that all businesses should consider how using a VPN may benefit their data safety.


How Does a VPN Work?

Breaking down how a VPN works can prove a tricky task. However, Three Cherries as a leading Bristol IT support provider has managed to split it into easy-to-digest steps.

Authentication- Typically, you will need to first log in to your VPN. This may also include an extra security measure such as two-factor authentication/multi-factor authentication.

Encryption- All traffic data is put into the “tunnel” and securely routed to the private network rather than the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Decryption- Data securely reaches the private network of the VPN and is decrypted therefore allowing the communication. This data is hidden from your ISP as it doesn’t direct to them.


How can Three Cherries help with Implementing a VPN?

With an increasing number of businesses adopting remote working strategies and looking to boost their cybersecurity in general, VPNs will be a word mentioned in meetings up and down the country. At Three Cherries, our team of experts can best advise on VPNs and how businesses in Bristol and the Southwest can get the benefits of a VPN. Contact us today for more information on how we can help improve the cybersecurity of businesses in Bristol.



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