BT PSTN Switch Off Paused: What This Means For Your Business

The PSTN switch off for many businesses will prove a big change and require careful planning to understand the next steps. However, if you are unaware of what the switch off is, or when it’s happening keep reading this blog to find out more. We will also cover the news regarding how the BT PSTN switch off paused, and what this may mean for you.


What is the PSTN Switch Off?

The PSTN switch off is the process of decommissioning the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to the newer VoIP line (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is being done as the old copper cables used within the PSTN line are costly and increasingly difficult to maintain. VoIP however uses the internet to transfer voice data packets. This means that it’s a much more up to date system.


What has the BT PSTN Switch off Paused?

BT have paused the finish date when they were set to decommission the copper lines and postponed it by a year.

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Why is the BT PSTN Switch Off Paused?

The BT PSTN Switch off paused and isn’t set to occur until January 2027 now. This is one year after the original date that the PSTN switch off was meant to occur. This is due to the ongoing FFTP (Full Fibre Broadband) rollout which BT are currently doing. This extra time allowed due to the delays will mean businesses and consumers will get longer to prepare for the switch off.


What are the benefits of VoIP over PSTN?


1.Cost Savings- VoIP comes in at a much cheaper rate due to the fact that it uses an internet connection to make calls. Therefore, all of the infrastructure and technology that is needed already exists in houses and businesses. It therefore makes it a simple shift technology wise. The actual calling plans themselves also come in typically at a cheaper rate creating savings for your business.


2.Flexibility and Scalability for Businesses- With VoIP, the ability to add more lines or extensions is much quicker and easier than PSTN. This means that as your business grows or shrinks, you can increase the number if licences you have and therefore increase the number of users on the VoIP system. For those working from home, they can simply connect a headset to their laptop or computer and have the chosen VoIP providers software installed to continue taking calls at home.


3.Environmental Impact- VoIP systems require less infrastructure than PSTN lines. They are also using technology which many businesses and homes already have and therefore, the environmental impact of switching over is minimal. This is important with many businesses looking to reduce the impact they have on the environment to earn certifications such as B corp.


BT PSTN Switch Off Paused: How Three Cherries Can Help

Whilst the switch off has been delayed, this shouldn’t mean it can be ignored for longer. Instead, it should provide your business a greater period of time to thoroughly understand the change and what system would work best for your business. However, we understand that telephony may not be everyone’s language and therefore, if your business needs any support regarding choosing and implementing the correct system, Three Cherries as a leading Bristol IT and telephony provider can assist you. Contact us today to find out more.



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