AI Security: How Can Businesses Stay Cybersecure?

Although AI tools can prove to be impressive business productivity and efficiency enhancers, they can carry important security risks which your business may or may not be aware of. In this blog, Three Cherries will provide you with an insight into the world of AI security and how AI can have implications on the cybersecurity of your network if used incorrectly.

What is AI?

The large majority of people reading this article will know what AI is or what it stands for. However, for those that don’t, AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. AI can come in a whole host of different forms from interactive chatbots providing information such as ChatGPT which is generative AI to programs which pull contact information from large data sets.


What AI Tools are There Which can Help Businesses?

Depending on your sector, there are a variety of tools available to use as a business. The most commonly known and used tool is ChatGPT. It has the ability to aid any sector and provides jaw dropping responses to many questions.

Alternatively, tools such as Microsoft Copilot exist which allow users to create PowerPoints and Excel spreadsheets with ease.

A small business in their office using AI tools

What are the AI Security Concerns?

The main AI security concerns surround privacy and where the information inputted goes. For example, ChatGPT is open source and any information put into it can be used for it to learn from. This therefore means any sensitive data you put into it could be regurgitated to another user due to the machine learning.


What can be Done to Increase Security of AI Tools?

The most important thing within AI security is that no private or personal data is inputted into an open-source AI such as ChatGPT. An example of this is when an employee inputted private code for Samsung into it and this then was leaked to other users. This is because the AI chatbot learnt from what was inputted and shared it to other users.

A tool such as Microsoft Copilot isn’t open source however and sensitive data can be controlled to a much higher level. You can set what files it has access to and what data can and can’t be shared.


What Will AI be Like in the Future?

AI is bound to be the biggest talking point both now and in the future. With the recent news that Apple is going to be integrating ChatGPT into its iOS 18 operating system, it is clear that businesses are jumping on the technology now before its too late and it develops even further.

If your business already has Microsoft 365 licencing, it is simple to acquire a Copilot licence and benefit from the truly impressive features which the paid software includes. The ability to create impressive PowerPoint presentations and Word documents with the click of a button shows where this technology is at currently.

With AI evolving rapidly, new AI security risks are bound to come up. It is important that if your business wants to begin using AI that cybersecurity measures are put in place and staff members are trained to know about the potential risks and consequences of what could happen in the case of data leaks etc.

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How Three Cherries Can Help your Business with Cybersecurity and AI Security

As a Cyber Essentials Plus certified business, we truly understand what needs to be done to make a business cybersecure from the ground up. Cybersecurity should act as the base for all companies to build on when it comes to technology and without the correct security measures, an accident or breach is waiting to happen. For more information on how Three Cherries can improve your cybersecurity, contact us today!



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