A New Era of Communication: Embracing Microsoft Teams

With businesses opting to meet through online services such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, there has never been a better time to introduce this software into your business. In this blog, Three Cherries as a leading IT support provider in Bristol will break down the benefits of using Teams and how we can implement it into your business.


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams acts as a digital hub for your business teamwork. It introduces a straightforward platform to communicate and host video conferences/meetings on with other colleagues or businesses. This enables your business to collaborate efficiently with colleagues, suppliers and even customers.

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What are the Benefits of using Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a wide range of advantages for businesses to take advantage of and increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. In this section, we will break down 5 benefits of using Microsoft Teams.


Simplified Communications-

By using Microsoft Teams, Businesses will reap the benefits of simple communication systems. Instead of trawling through emails to find a certain response, Teams introduces a messaging like service. Colleagues can opt to communicate privately, or group channels can be made including any members you want. An example of this may be a particular chat for the sales team, allowing them to communicate as a group seamlessly rather than exchanging back and forth emails.

Remote Working-

Microsoft Teams facilitates remote working policies by enhancing connectivity. Whether your team is located in one small town or dotted across the country, Teams enables for quick and smooth communication. Video conferences can be held to enable users in different parts of the world to meet and communicate in one place, almost as if they were sat in one room together. This ensures that no matter the circumstances, there will always be the ability to work on projects and communicate together.

Seamless Meetings-

Microsoft Teams makes meetings seamless through its expansive toolkit and abilities such as screen sharing. These features aim to improve group collaboration projects and create meaningful virtual meetings which before, weren’t possible. Meetings can also be recorded and shared for any users unable to meet meaning that everyone stays in the loop.

Microsoft 365 Integration-

Being a part of Microsoft 365, Teams has the ability to integrate and work with other applications in the suite. Examples of these include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These integrations aim to streamline your productivity by simplifying processes. Users can share files within a group and users can open this and edit it in real time in Teams. This means that instead of users having to each send their edited copy, each can do their own edit on one document saving storage space and time.

Enhanced Security-

Like any other of the Microsoft products, security is seen as paramount. Therefore, this comes as no different for Teams. By utilising this collaboration tool, anything you upload in teams be it files or messages/meetings will be secured using enterprise level security. This ensures that no harm will come of your data taking the worry out of the confusing and serious topic, cybersecurity.


How can Three Cherries Help your Business with Microsoft Teams?

At Three Cherries, our team of experts understand how to best set up Microsoft Teams for businesses in Bristol and Somerset ensuring that your operations are elevated and benefit from increased productivity and efficiency. Contact us today to find out more about Microsoft 365 migration and the benefits it includes such as access to the Office suite of applications, Cloud storage and enhanced mailbox solutions.



Don’t hesistate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for IT support across Bristol and the South West.

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